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Competition at 

Niagara Dance Academy

If you are interested in auditioning for our Competitive Team, please call, text,  send a chat, text ,or click on our email address to send us an email.

As in any competitive program you have to have passion, dedication and skills to be part of a team.   When we audition you to be part of our team, these are attributes we are looking for.  If you are part of our Recreation program and we see you working hard, we may ask you to audition to be part of our team if you are interested.  If you don't make the team first time, we will give you things to work on to help you achieve your competitive goals. 
Our teams compete in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Acro, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop

You can audition just for the styles you have the greatest passion for, we do not require you to compete in every style.  We have separate Competition classes which include a technique class and a choreography class for most styles.  Once you are part of our competitive team you are able to take any of the technique classes to improve in the other styles that interest you. 


We strongly feel a students progress is not only in the classroom but also parent support for the studio, team and teachers.

Students look to their parents for approval at all ages even when you think they don't.  Your interaction with our faculty, team parents, and team members should always be positive. 

If you do have any concerns you are to speak directly to the Studio Owner so all matters can be resolved without gossiping.  

All communications must go through the studio owner, we do not allow direct contact with teachers with concerns. 

Parents and students need to trust the faculty as we are  always looking out for the best interest of each student. 

We do not play favourites, we like to give opportunities to various students who are willing to put the work in class, learns to apply corrections, has regular attendance, a positive attitude in class and towards our faculty. 


Our focus is always in the classroom, working on the technical aspects of each style, choreography and building relationships. 

"Dance friends are forever friends"

WE  BUILD CONFIDENCE  IN OUR STUDENTS, negative comments inside or outside the studio can tear down a students confidence

and will not be tolerated.  


We always do very well at the competitions we have attended and are always so proud of the students accomplishments, their etiquette and attitude towards other studios and students. We do 4 competitions each season first 1 being for solo, duets , trios, small and extended lines,  then 3 competitions for everyone 2 in town and 1 away. 


We have won many Spirit Awards, this one is always a proud moment, as l know the kids are being kind and respectful to not only their own team, but all the teams participating at the competition as well which is so important. 

We take all the judges critiques and discuss them with the students, so they have an understanding of why

they scored what they did.   Our focus is always the classroom, we want to see constant improvement from each student in all their classes. 

If you have any questions please contact us at

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