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Reasons To Dance

Social Development:

The entire class participates in movement and communicates with one another. Students learn to deal with different personalities and energy levels while learning to perform a dance.


Your child will be moving no matter which style of dance they are enrolled. Classes always begin with warm up stretching for flexibility and then plenty of dancing, and a cool down period.


Dancers learn to control the energy in their body through technique training.


Dancers learn concentration and determination in order to learn the proper technique for and class retain the choreography to perform what they have learned.

Self-Esteem & Confidence:

Dance studios have mirrors in all the classrooms and dancers are always looking at themselves and watching their movements and learn to see themselves in a confident way. Students are always learning new facial expressions and always smiling which creates positive awareness.

Good Posture:

Through strengthening and stretching we obtain core muscles. You will always know a dancer when you see one, they always have great posture.


The best reason for anyone to take a dance class is because it is FUN!! Meeting new friends, the freedom of expressing themselves and performing for teachers, parents and friends!

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