Dance Classes

Creative Movement:

This program will help your child in the development of movement through music. They will learn the basic steps of Ballet with appropriate music that will develop their ability to understand rhythm. Props including hoops, scarves, mats and more are used to make the classes fun and stimulating. Creative movement is for children 2 ½ – 3 years of age.

Tiny Triple Threat:

Your little one will have a dazzling experience with this fun filled class. The Tiny Triple Threat class has a unique blend of Pre Tap and Pre Ballet and Pre Jazz specifically designed for children ages 4 and 5. Your child will have an opportunity to experience the best disciplines. This class consists of 30 minutes of Pre Ballet, Pre Tap and Pre Jazz and will allow students to change shoes and have a snack. The class size will consist of 12 students with a certified teachers instructing each class style.


Classical Ballet Technique is emphasized through barre work, adagio and allegro center work, across the floor combinations and turning exercises. Ballet focuses on body alignment, as well as developing musicality, grace, increasing flexibility and building strong muscles. Students are taught proper posture, ballet discipline and a strong foundation of ballet.


We are excited that we are able to offer Pointe Class to both Recreational students and Competitive students.  There are certain guidlines that are required for anyone to be up on pointe shoes as we always want to ensure the safetly of our students first. Most of our students are not offered until age 12.  If you are interesed in being in a pointe class, you would have to contact the office for further details. 


Dancers are taught strengthening and flexibility exercises, coordination skills and isolations. This class consists of a proper warm-up, center work and across the floor combinations. Students are taught the foundation of building proper technique and are introduced to the preparation of jumping, leaping and turning.

Hip Hop:

A high energy level 60 minute, once a week class for ages 6 and up. The Instructor will be focused on teaching the fundamentals of isolation and rhythm. Using current repertoire your dancer will learn street style techniques that will include fast and expressive movements.


This is a 60 minute class once a week beginning at age 8 and must be accompanied by either a jazz or ballet class. Lyrical is based on expression through artistic movement. This program will help dancers understand how emotion and expression cam be portrayed through dance with various paced music.

Musical Theatre:

For dancers who love to entertain, musical theatre gives them the opportunity to act out characters and songs with live singing and dancing.  It’s a great way to learn expression and stage presence while having a lot of fun!


This program is specifically designed for children who love gymnastics and love to dance. They will learn tricks in combination with the artistic approach of jazz. These two styles are united for a fun and unique experience for your child.

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