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Emma Jinks

Dance Instructor

Emma began her dance journey with tap and ballet lessons at the age of 2. As she grew older, she branched into other styles of dance including jazz, acro, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop. She began competing at the age of 7 across Canada and the United States and continued through to her teenage years. At age 11, she was selected to represent her country on the Canadian National Tap Team at the International Dance Championships in Riesa, Germany. The team took home gold that year under the tutelage of Matthew Clark.


Emma continued her training under Matthew for the remainder of her dance career before taking up cheerleading and beginning her training in aerial silks at A2D2 Cirque Centre in Mississauga. She was selected for Niagara Cheerleading's All-Girl Level 5 team in 2014 and advanced with them to the Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, Florida the following year. She later coached tumbling and acro for the gym until her secondary graduation.


Emma was drawn back into the world of dance after auditioning and being selected as a member of McMaster University's Competitive Urban Dance Team. Most recently, she became an Acrobatic Arts Certified Instructor in both Modules 1 and 2 and has been continuing her training in Ground Creation and Acro at A2D2 Cirque Centre. When she isn't training or teaching, she spends her free time performing for the company at various corporate events and weddings. 


Finally, Emma's primary objective is to persist to invest herself, heart and soul, in the dancers and students she has the opportunity to instruct. She aims to instill in them her boundless passion for choreography, safe practice, fitness, and the art itself in hopes that she will be able to give to her students what the art has given to her

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